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Maltz Museum’s exhibit ‘Beyond Chicken Soup’ is a proper dose of medicine

When the Jewish Museum of Maryland first conceived an exhibit tracing the history of Jewish men and women in Medicine a variety of catchy titles were proposed with the most favorite being “My Son the Doctor.” It was catchy and humorous but after careful debate it was decided that it did not cover the breadth and scope of what they hoped the exhibit could achieve. Thus Beyond Chicken Soup: Jews & Medicine in America as decided upon because it was all inclusive as to the contributions of all Jewish medical practitioners in America (both men and women).

Not too far in the past, discrimination of people of Jewish heritage in America was a commonplace experience that extended into the medical professions. It was due to this that Jews were forced to create access to their own healthcare system to which the underserved population of America at that time (mainly African Americans and Asians) were allowed to received vital quality health care as well.

“Today, Jewish physicians are ubiquitous in America. It was not always so. The story of this evolution and the contributions of Jewish Doctor's to modern medicine are the focus of this exhibit,” said the exhibit’s Chair of the Advisory Committee, Dr. Jeffrey L. Ponsky of the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine and Case Western Reserve University.

At the turn of the 20th century not only were Jewish people shunned at the nation’s borders but qualified applicants for medical schools were up against school “quotas” that allowed for only a specific small percentage of Jewish students. This carried through to the general population where Jewish patients were denied much needed medical care at so called “Christian” hospitals. As a result, Jewish hospitals were built to train Jewish doctors and were open not only to Jewish patients but also served other underserved populations in America.

"The exhibit tells the powerful story of the out-sized role of both the Jewish community and individual Jewish clinicians, researchers and teachers in the commandment to preserve human life at all costs," said Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation President Mitchell Balk. "There is also a focus on the critical role of Cleveland's Mt. Sinai Medical Center and other Jewish-sponsored patient care, research and teaching institutions in achieving this task."

Along with the various artifacts from the Maryland exhibit (over two hundred in number) a local connection with Cleveland’s own Mt. Sinai Hospital is included that illustrates how the Jewish population was able to be assimilated into American society as they made significant contributions to the medical world as well as advancing basic civil rights for all.

“We get inspired here – connecting the past to the present to better create our future,” explained the Museum’s Managing Director, David Schafer. “This museum creates awareness on how to be our better selves and inclusive of others.”

Beyond Chicken Soup: Jews & Medicine in America will be on display at the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage that is located at 2929 Richmond Road in Beachwood, Ohio. The exhibit will officially open on October 10, 2017 and will be there through April 8, 2018.

For more information concerning admission and hours or to schedule a group tour please contact the Maltz Museum online at or contact, (216) 593-0575.

Support for the local presentation is generously provided by: Mt. Sinai Heather Care Foundation, John P. Murphy Foundation, Stanley Blum, University Hospitals, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Alan and Mrs. Joni Lichtin, MetroHealth, David and Inez Myers Foundation, Barbara Robinson, Donald and Toni Scherzer in honor of and with appreciation to Dr. Wulf H. Utian and Dr. James M. Goldfarb, Sisters of Charity Health System, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Beth and Rand Curtiss, Dr. James and Ronda Goldfarb, Bahman and Lora Guyuron, Dr. Jack W. Jaffe, MD, Keith and Nancy Libman, Dr. James Lieberman, Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED), Larry and Julia Pollock, Dr. David and Mrs. Enid Rosenberg, Dr. Fred C. and Mrs. Jackie Rothstein, Dr. Lawrence and Mrs. Margaret Singerman, Dr. Wulf and Mrs. Moira Utian

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