Cleveland Browns continue their string of broken promises

Last night I pledged to myself (and my wife) that I would not get upset watching the Cleveland Browns game. I failed miserably.

What has been so frustrating about this season is the inconsistency. In one instance the team forces a three and out and marches down the field for a touchdown. The next time they get the ball they bumble around like a bunch of idiots creating opportunities for the other team with stupid penalties or telegraphed plays that are doomed to fail.

A perfect example last night was #90 DE Jadeveon Clowney (aptly named) who became a ref’s favorite with his antics including throwing an opponent's shoe. REALLY? Add to this the pre-snap penalties by various members of the team not knowing where to line up properly. This is not to mention the late hit penalties.

These are supposedly grown men who have spent their life being trained to do one job...throw a ball...catch a ball...tackle a with the ball...and yet? Even our punter woofed one when he kicked a divot in the turf. Also, at what point when ONE MAN sacks your quarterback FOUR TIMES that you figure out how to keep him from doing that...double team anyone...ANYONE? Whose idea was it to run Chubb up the middle...up the middle...up the middle...up the middle. that is when they remembered that he was on the sidelines in the first place.

In spite of the terrible level of play the Browns could have still pulled off a win at the very end...BUT NO! I would suggest that the Cleveland Browns clean out their lockers this week and head back to their homes across America. That’s right, let’s just forfeit the Cincinnati game and call it a season. It is a game of no consequence in which men could get furthered injured and nobody wants that to happen.

It seems that every season we start out with great feelings of hope only to have that hope dashed to pieces by mid-season. This year with the added game we were “still in the hunt” right up to the end but to be fair we never really had a chance. Too many injuries combined with Covid spelled disaster from the start. As always, the Cleveland Brown faithful fans will sober up, lick their wounds and pronounce that tired phrase of “just wait until next year” that we have heard since before many of us (even the oldsters) were born.

Luck never seems to be on our side. We are the second punch thrown and penalized. We are the player getting injured during the warm-up. We are the missing a first down by inches. Someone needs to let the team on a little secret. The game is four quarters long and you need to show up for each and every one both with offense and defense. That is how you win games and ultimately, seasons. Until they learn to do that we are doomed to frustrating Sundays and Mondays with no end in sight. Go Browns for another losing season and good riddance.

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Who is Mark Horning?

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