Cleveland Browns takes the wind out of the city with idiotic loss

For a very short time this season there was a glimmer of hope. In a division in which apparently no one wants to be in first place it really looked like we could be put in the top spot and maybe stay there into the playoffs.

Then “a series of unfortunate events” began to unfold as injuries and positive Covid tests began to attack the roster. Those that were left to play had scant practice time together combined with little field experience. Add this scenario with players not playing up to their potential and the game was a foregone conclusion.

To start we had Donovan Peoples-Jones develop a pig skin allergy that lasted clear into the fourth quarter. Chase McLaughlin got the yips and missed what would have been a game winning field goal after the Raiders called a time-out as he was kicking the ball (Daniel Carlson, the kicker for the Raiders had the Browns pull the same dirty trick except he made both kicks). The Defensive Line gave Derek Carr enough time to picnic in the back field while the Brown’s Secondary gave the Raider receivers ten yard and more cushions.

Crucial penalties that killed drives or gave Las Vegas another breath were rampant throughout the game on the Orange and Brown. There was of course the usual array of bad calls by the officials but great teams are able to work through those...the Browns were not able to.

There was the last Cleveland drive when all they had to do was get one first down in order to close out the game. That failed. Fans then had to suffer the agony of watching the Raiders march down the field with a real two minute drill that worked with a place kicker who could hit two field goals in a row (who would have thought).

As for me, I am really very tired of all this nonsense. Year after year we are given hope only to have it dashed to the ground and stomped on. I think that it is time to look for another team to support with our loyalty and dollars. This coming Saturday we have the Cleveland Browns going up against a very powerful and healthy Green Bay Packers. Even if everyone on the Browns gets healthy it looks like another massacre in the making.

Where before I was a rabid fan of the Cleveland Browns my thoughts today are that they are not worth my energy. I will still have the game on the television as background noise but I will find something constructive to do during the game. Last night I spent the entire game wrapping Christmas presents. I am sure that I can find some kind of mending project to do as Green Bay rolls up the score. Now you may ask if this will be a permanent situation? It depends on what the front office of the Browns does to fix what is wrong with the team. Until they can put together a truly Super Bowl worthy team that the city can really get behind and not a bunch of pretenders I would rather not stand by the side of the road to watch a car wreck. I am sad to say that I will be joining my wife in cheering for the Packers this coming Saturday. It has come to that. Go Pack Go!

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