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‘The Choir of Man’ hangs around for a bit of fun with ‘The Afterparty’

So what does the cast of “The Choir of Man” do after the show? Why they throw “The Afterparty” of course. Ten members from the original cast of thirteen that single handily reopened Playhouse Square in June all the way into September have now gathered for a post show celebration and what a party it is.

Just like the original show it is a collection of show tunes, traditional ballads, tap dancing and some rousing Rock and Roll along with a bit of drinking and all of it is totally excellent. The cast consists of Stephen Barry from County Kerry who played “The Hard Man” in TCOM, George Bray who is no stranger to the stage played multiple roles in TCOM as well as roles in various traveling shows, Miles Anthony Daley aka “The Cockney Casanova” is also a veteran showman, Denis Grindel from Donegal has performed in eight major works as well as TCOM.

Jack Hartigan is a band member who is a sought after sideman in the studio and on tour including “Kinky Boots” and “Hairspray”, Ali Higgins is known for his wild dancing leaps off of most surfaces in TCOM as well as playing the keyboards, he also has been in a variety of touring companies, James Hudson is enjoying his first trip to the States and is always good for a laugh or two, Norton James played “Beast” in TCOM he has been involved in a dozen other theater and movie productions, Jordon Oliver looks barely old enough to be in a pub much less be drinking in one but he excels as a tap dancer who has appeared in various theatrical productions as well as a Cruise Line show, Caleb Wilson is the bassist known for his work with the BBC house band for the UK show YolanDa’s Band Jam.

So what is this show all about? It begins with a short film about how despite the odds and after a tremendous amount of international wrangling the cast finally made it over from their rehearsal hall in London to Cleveland to relight Playhouse Square. The show was so popular in the Mimi Ohio Theatre that it was extended a number of times all the way through to September 18th and still they were not done with us or us with them.

Enter “The Afterparty” which will have a short run through September 29, 2021 in the Outcalt Theatre at Playhouse Square then the lads will travel back to their family and loved ones in the UK. To say the least we will miss them greatly. It has been craic.

“The Afterparty” is far more than your ordinary concert. It is a jumpin’ good time for the performers as well as the audience members. Quick to share a laugh and a drink (especially during the song “Tequilla”) you will find yourself swept along for a wild ride of music, song and dance that will have you feeling all right.

Tickets will be dear and all of the shows are expected to sell out. As mentioned before, “The Afterparty” will be on stage in the Outcalt Theatre at Playhouse Square through September 29, 2021. Tickets and information can be found at or by calling (216) 241-6000.


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Who is Mark Horning?

Over the course of my life I have worked a variety of jobs including newspapers, retail camera sales and photography. Eight years ago I embarked on yet another career as writer. This included articles concerning sports and cultural events in Cleveland, Ohio as well reviews of the many theatrical productions around town. These days are spent photographing professional dance groups, theater companies and various galas and festivals as well as attending various stage performances and posting reviews about them.  

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